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About Us

We Are Professional Electrical Service

Accutek is specialized in oringinal equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts across a variety of industries such as semiconductor, medical, and precision manufacturing.
To provide the highest quality and the best service, Accutek invested in machines from Yamazaki Mazak, the world-leading Japanese CNC machine maker.The machines are ready to serve: 5-axis hybrid multi-tasking machines, 5-axis tilting/
rotary table machines, vertical machines with Tsudakoma 4-th axis roller-cam rotary table.
We adopted CAD/CAM software like SolidCAM, vertically integrated with other professionals, and improved process


Company Core Value

Company Core Value: Pursuit of high quality and customer satisfaction. We continuously improve our manufacturing techniques and material management to ensure precision, repeatability, accountability, and adherence to customers’ requirements. We also prioritize environmental health and sustainability by reducing waste and energy consumption. To meet customer expectations and demands, and to provide timely solutions, we maintain open and active communication with our customers. Furthermore, Accutek has comprehensive employee training programs to ensure that all our employees are well-trained, possessing both technical skills and the right attitude.


semiconductor industry


Aerospace Automobile Industry


High-pressure Gas Industry Injection Molding industry


Line Spoolers


Injection Molding Industry


Robotics Industry


Mechanical Manufacture Industry

Medical Industry

Our Service

All products from Accutek go through professional manufacturing processes and technologies and undergo strict inspections. Our products are applied in many modern industries such as the semiconductor industry, aerospace industry, automobile industry, high-pressure gas industry, line spoolers, injection molding industry, robotics industry, mechanical manufacturing industry, and medical industry. The working machines in our factory are continuously updated and upgraded to improve quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Seeking continuous improvement is Accutek’s ultimate goal.

Our Products

We take great pride in ensuring that all of our products go through the highest quality inspections. Our goal is to meet the unique and diverse needs of our customers. We understand that our customers might be looking for simpler and more practical solutions, or they might require solutions that are more specialized and tailored to their specific needs. Rest assured, whatever solution you require, our products are designed and manufactured to meet even the most demanding expectations.