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Inspection Equipment


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ACCRETECH-Accretech roughness measuring systems


KEYENCE-Profile projectors


Inspection Equipment

ZISS 三次元

ZISS 3 dimensional projectors

With the ZISS 3 dimensional projectors you will enter a new level of precision and trusted results – at an unmatched price-performance ratio.

Height gauge

Whole new designed 2-D height gauge, fused with innovative technology and traditional techniques. Exteneded touchscreen can endure dust and gread in factory field. Smart measuring mode can automatically identify and measure inner or outer diameter, with one click. Height, minor difference, depth, inner/ outer diameter, concentricity, flatness, perpendicularity..etc can be esaily measured. And with quickest 2D coordinating and drawing system. It is compatible with up to 400mm ceramic probe (as below image shows), and equipped with hand wheel that has automatic mode and manual mode. High level of water/dust/oil-proofing makes it ideal for field environment.

We don't pursue the largest scale, only insist on doing our best

Centered on high quality and customer satisfaction, we continuously improve production techniques and strengthen raw material management to ensure product precision, stability, reliability, and compliance with customer standards. Additionally, we emphasize environmental protection, coordinating efforts to reduce waste and energy consumption, aiming to enhance production capacity and reduce costs. In communication with customers, we maintain openness and transparency, fully understanding their needs and issues, addressing them promptly to meet customer demands and expectations. Furthermore, we establish a professional team and training program to enhance employee skills and job competence, preparing to improve production efficiency and quality.